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Embracing Deaf Culture


Making the gospel more accessible to Deaf people

Kevin Babin is an Intercultural Missionary who works with Deaf and hearing people alike to make the Church more accessible to the American Deaf community across the United States.
Kevin is also the AG National Field Representative for Deaf Culture Ministries. He is often called upon to assist with a variety of issues regarding Deaf Culture ministries. This can include anything from resourcing pastors with ways to make their church more accessible, coming alongside pastors and lay people who work with Deaf people, and providing guidance, advice, and encouragement to Deaf people.
When asked what Deaf people wished more hearing people knew about Deaf Culture, Kevin explained that many Deaf people are happy being Deaf. They don’t view deafness as a disability, rather as a different and unique culture that has its own language, American Sign Language (ASL). Kevin works with Deaf people as they advocate for themselves, and he works with hearing pastors and leadership to teach them how to welcome and accommodate Deaf people. This can be done through providing proper lighting, ASL interpreters, and direct line of sight with the speaker. He shared that when church leadership takes simple steps to ensure that Deaf people are welcome and accommodated, then Deaf people will feel valued and as a result, will invite more Deaf people to attend the church.
We invite you to partner with us in prayer, as well as with your church, to make the gospel more accessible to the Deaf Community.