A Calling to Alaska

On a Sunday morning in 2012, David Huff walked into church and something caught his eye: a Pentecostal Evangel magazine. David flipped through the pages to find that U.S. Missions Intercultural Ministries missionary, Terry Hull, had committed his life to serving the Alaskan community. At the time, David worked in Missouri and felt God leading him to Alaska. He took his first missions trip in 2013 to meet Terry and volunteer on his team. A few years later, David became Terry’s missionary associate.

David has worked with Terry and his team at Camp Agaiutim Nune (Camp AN) which means “place of God”. David helps run the camp, builds relationships, and maintain the campgrounds. At Camp AN, kids and teenagers engage in outdoor activities, participate in worship services, and Bible devotionals. David says, “These kids live in remote villages where there is a lot of isolation and depressing situations. Unfortunately, many of our campers experience abuse in their homes and a lack of a Christian community. I knew I was called to help bring hope to hopeless situations.”

As a missionary associate, David will pursue a wide variety of ministry responsibilities. This includes expanding the ministry of Camp AN to surrounding villages, traveling to remote locations with Hull to spread the Gospel, helping with outreaches at dog-sledding and snow machine events, and supporting online Alaskan ministries. Huff will provide technical support for Voice to the Village and the Alaska School of Ministry. Voice to the Village is a ministry Hull developed that provides church services online to individuals in Alaska who do not have a local church community. This ensures that every Alaskan has the opportunity to experience the Word of God. The Alaska School of Ministry trains a new generation of ministers. Keeping these systems running is vital because of the remote location of Alaskans seeking church materials. David’s work creates a powerful impact in the lives of those living in rural Alaska. However, many still do not know a life with Christ. If you want to help the rural Alaskan community to know Jesus, contact David at davidhuff@77.usmissions.org. http://live.voicetothevillage.com/ http://www.aksom.net/