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Our National Field Representative ~ Kevin M. Babin

Kevin Babin Family


Reverend Kevin M. Babin has served in the Assemblies of God (AG) Deaf Culture Ministries office since 1989. He was appointed to serve as the national representative for the Deaf Culture Ministries office since 1995. Kevin's portfolio includes work and partnerships with many of the ministries at the National Leadership and Resource Center. Kevin also serves in the Intercultural Ministries department as the AG National Field Representative for AG Deaf Culture Ministries. Through this position he is resourcing, caring, and supporting 23 other U.S. Missionaries.

Kevin was born and raised in Donaldsonville, Louisianna. He graduated from Ascension Catholic High School. He met Jesus in 1976 after several people shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with him. He surrendered his life to God and has been privileged and blessed to serve God in many areas of ministry.

He has ministered and worked with Deaf people across the United States and in 30 countries. Kevin has more than 17 years of pastoral experience. He presently serves on the Administrative Committee of the AG National Deaf Culture Fellowship (NF).

God called Kevin into ministry in 1981, and more specifically into Deaf ministry after attending the Louisiana Assemblies of God Deaf Camp. Kevin and Karla met while serving in Deaf ministries and working with deaf people in The Tenth Coin Ministries.  He attended North Central Bible College (now North Central University) in Minneapolis, Minnesota and graduated in 1989 with honors and earned a B.A. degree in pastoral studies and a B.A. degree in Deaf culture ministries.

Kevin and Karla have four children: Kyla, Josiah, Aubree, and Bethany.                                                                              


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