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Let's Do This. Together.

Missionaries are responsible for raising their own support. You can personally give to a missionary or see if your church would provide support through their missions budget.  You can help by making a generous credit card contribution on our secure server.

The Intercultural Ministries Department provides ministry among those groups of people in the United States whose evangelism involves specialized understanding and preparation. Will you help us reach them with the gospel? You may give directly to Intercultural Ministries to help us resource, train and mentor missionaries. Your financial support of Intercultural Ministries is deeply appreciated.

Please choose the area of ministry to which you’d like to donate:

Intercultural Ministries General Fund (Click here to make a contribution.)
Help us help the missionaries reaching out to America's diverse groups.

Black Ministries (Click here to make a contribution.)
There are 45.7 million Black Americans in America who need to hear the gospel of Christ. Our appointed missionaries are reaching out, especially in our urban areas, with evangelism and discipleship training.

Blind Ministries (Click here to make a contribution.)A 2008 report compiled by the National Health Interview Survey established that an estimated 25.2 million Americans have trouble seeing, even with glasses or contact lenses, or they are blind or unable to see at all.  The Assemblies of God is one of the few denominations to provide Bible based Braille and audio literature for the blind. The Whitney Library for the Blind and the Adriene Resource Center for Blind Children offer hope through the National Resource Center for the Blind.

Deaf Culture Ministries
(Click here to make a contribution.) There are an estimated 28 million deaf individuals living in the United States according to Gallaudet University.  Currently our missionaries and A/G Deaf churches are reaching out to the fourth most-used language group living in America.

Jewish Ministries (Click here to make a donation.)
With one out of three Jewish people living here, America is the largest Jewish nation in the world. Our missionaries and ministries to the Jewish people are committed to reaching them with the good news of the Messiah.

Muslim Ministries  (Click here to make a contribution.)
Islam is the fastest growing major religion in the world and one of the fastest growing in the United States. There are an estimated 6 million adherents of this incredibly aggressive religion in America and though working conditions are sometimes dangerous, our missionaries and the Center for Ministries to Muslims are making a difference.

Native Alaskans Ministries (Click here to make a contribution.)
Alaska has 200 Native communities scattered over a geographic area twice the size of the state of Texas. The logistics alone of reaching these communities is phenomenal. Intercultural missionaries are committed to the task despite the extraordinary challenges that face them.

Native American Ministries (Click here to make a contribution.)
Eighty percent of Native Americans will die of unnatural causes. (AIC Newsletter, February 1990) Two tribes, the Zunis and Hopis, with 6,000 members each, are considered two of the most unreached tribal groups in the world. (Youth With a Mission) Our Intercultural missionaries are doing their best to reach out to the 600 Native American tribes. Their leadership development centers are training up new pastors, missionaries and lay workers to help meet the need.

Persons with Disabilities Ministries (Click here to make a contribution.)
There are currently 60 million people in the United States with disabilities of which 80% do not attend church. Through the personal efforts of our missionaries and Special Touch Ministries, we are touching persons with physical and mental disabilities with the warmth and love of Jesus Christ.