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Intercultural Ministries

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Center for the Blind 


Our Country. Our Generation. More Diverse Than Ever.

Our nation of nations is comprised of 500 diverse groups speaking over 600 languages. The opportunity to reach every tribe, ethnic group and culture, every person who is blind, deaf, disabled, or in need of compassion ministries is right in front of us, across the street and down the road.

Intercultural Ministries launches missionaries into America to speak the truth of Jesus to everyone. They all have the same goal - follow the heart of God to reach every culture - "that none perish."

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“Whereas we thank God for the destiny that is upon our lives, as a mission organization, we want to move beyond destiny and leave a legacy. Thus, replication is our objective.”

Rev. Malcolm P. Burleigh
Senior Director
Intercultural Ministries

Salvations 2017 (Jan-Sep) 5,343
Holy Spirit Baptisms 2017 (Jan-Sep) 835
Water Baptisms 2017 (Jan-Sep) 251

Intercultural Ministries also works with U.S. missionaries who are called to people groups that require specialized understanding and preparation. Schools of Urban missions, Native American Bible Schools and Development Centers provide programs of training and mentoring. Language seminars are offered to non-English speaking ministers and laypersons. Our missionaries cultivate leaders within these people groups to transform lives and conduct vibrant ministries in their communities.

Our Senior Director ~ Malcolm Burleigh

Rev. Malcolm Burleigh came into the faith as a young man in 1981 by God's divine plan and under the pastorate of Rev. George Cope.

Immediately the Lord began to use him. Rev. Burleigh commenced his ministerial duties at Belmont Assembly of God in Chicago, Illinois. Realizing that God anointed him to teach, Rev. Burleigh launched his pedagogical skill set by ministering to two and three year olds in the Sunday School Department.

During his ministry at Belmont, Rev. Burleigh's multi-faceted gifts and talents were utilized in building God's kingdom as he served in many ministries throughout the church body. In 1985, the Lord called him into full time ministry as a Senior Associate Pastor of Belmont. Rev. Burleigh was immensely dedicated to his duties and he served in that capacity until 1992. Rev. Burleigh was then called to pastor Living Faith Assembly of God in Tampa, Florida, where he passionately and with a committed heart served as the Senior Pastor for almost eighteen years.

In November 2009, Rev. Burleigh accepted the call as Senior Director of Intercultural Ministries in U.S. Missions. His heart is to nurture, manage and resource the nearly 400 Intercultural missionaries, in twenty-six fields of ministry.

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Administrative Assistant ~ Qene' Jeffers

Qene' came to work with our Intercultural Ministries department in April of 2010 serving our missionaries through care and support.  She now serves as Malcolm's Administrative Assistant, assisting him in ministry through office management and resourcing our Intercultural missionaries. Her heart for missions, and understanding of the day-to-day functions of ministry, stems from serving in the pastorate with her husband for the past 34 years.

Qene' loves getting to know our missionaries and serving them through encouragement, prayer and resourcing their needs.